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an angry bird with a hat on top of it's head next to a red background
Communist Duolingo
two different symbols are shown on the side of a bookmark that reads, he she they we
Countryhumans [Cómics] - Memes (2/?)
two pictures with the words cooking with communism and an image of a frying pan
a person is holding an empty bottle cap
In Soviet Russia vodka drink you
an old photo of a man holding his hands in the shape of a heart with both hands
Stalin <3
a cat wearing a blue hat with the ussr flag in the background and a russian flag hanging on the wall behind it
a red onion with the hammer and sick symbol on it's side, in front of a white background
Prove your humanity
an image of two people in uniform with the words iphone and we phone on them
a dog wearing a hat and scarf in front of a red flag with the communist symbol on it