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two pieces of fabric sitting on top of each other
the world’s sweetest needle book : a free sewing pattern
a woman wearing an apron with pockets on the front and side, next to a sewing pattern
several pictures of different items made out of quilts and fabric with flowers on them
The most perfect Christmas gift! 🪡🧵💗 Check the link for details: . . #Blanimals #NeedleBook #HandStitched #OneOfAKind
there are many different pieces of fabric with needles in each one and two on the other
the table is set up with yarn and scissors
Needle Keeper Tutorial Part One - Trout Lily Hill
an assortment of sewing supplies are displayed on a blue surface
a close up of a piece of cloth on a wooden table with buttons and thread
two pieces of green fabric sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
there is a towel with flowers on it next to some thread and sewing spools
Not What I Should Be Doing.....
My Crazy Quilt Life: Not What I Should Be Doing.....
an open book with buttons and pins on it
My Needle Book From nanaCompany (Amy's) Tutorial
a small book with buttons on the cover
To keep pins and needles safe