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Why Musc the Many Benefits Of Musical Education

Why reading? The Extraordinary Benefits of Learning Music - "Students who learn music at an early age are more likely to excel in other extracurricular activities. They are also three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Sonata Allegro Form | TONE DEAF

Sonata-Allegro explained with lunatics. (omg, I think I understand it now!) Part of a series of music forms explained with lunatics.

Elements of Music - Dynamics Poster (Color)

Dynamics Poster -- A little too busy but I love the idea. It would be great to have anchor posters for every unit I teach next year.

Elements of Music - Form Poster (Color)

This poster is part of a series of posters highlighting the elements of music. Posters can be used in introduce or reinforce pitch at a variety of grade levels. Poster also include a section focusing on vocabulary. This color poster highlights PITCH.