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Norway, Kongsberg, Navy Ships, Fighter Jets, Stealth, Heavy Machine Gun, Vehicle, Battleship, Boat
Naval Strike Missile NSM JSM Kongsberg Defence
an aerial view of two navy ships in the water
an aerial view of a large ship in the water
a group of different types of boats on display in a museum exhibit, with information about them
Military, Hoho
a large ship floating on top of the ocean next to another boat in the water
a large ship in the middle of the ocean with water splashing up around it
Colombian FS-1500 Corvette ARC Almirante Padilla
Colombian FS-1500 heavy corvette ARC Almirante Padilla
an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean
FS Tonnere L-9014 Amphibious Asault Ship French Navy BPC
the world's aircraft carriers being built info sheet with their names and flags
a diagram of a boat that is in the water, with parts labeled on it
Army, Soldier, Force, Weapon, Air Force