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an illustration with flowers and the words eff name aeveny shimmering star
Pallid Elf Name Inspo
a man standing on top of a balcony next to a tall building with his arms outstretched
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a poster with the names of male fantasy names
600+ Dark and Unique Male Fantasy Names with Meanings
Discover dark, unique & cool male fantasy names with deep meanings. From powerful kings & evil villains to mysterious elves & daring pirates, find the perfect name for your fantasy character. Explore Asian-inspired names, royal fantasy names for princes & Kings & warrior names with dark aesthetics. Get ideas for your fantasy book or RPG campaign with our comprehensive list of over 600 short strong male fantasy names. Male character names. Male names and meanings. boy names with meanings.
Roman, Interesting Names, Female Character Names
a woman in an orange dress and red shawl with the words iskra on it
a hand with the words erdem written on it and an image of a tree
Name ideas
the words admetus untambable are in front of several birds flying around
Admetus - Greek name meaning aesthetic
a man with his eyes closed and the words asael made by god above him
the name esdyr on top of a green background with stars and snowflakes
7 Male High Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character
a watercolor painting with the words, eff name lathdran tree speaker
7 Male Wood Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character
a blue and white background with the words,'d & d elf name thoughtful one '
Elvish Name Ideas