Bugs and Insects
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a lady bug with flowers and leaves on it's back
Mini Portfolio — Rocket & Indigo
two hands are holding up some paper with moths on it
Come and learn how to pin with me
a drawing of a green insect with leaves on it's back legs and wings
Fanciful Flying Creatures
an old book with drawings of different types of insect wings and other things on it
Scientific Illustration
an insect diagram is shown in this drawing
Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog for Your Boils: Photo
a drawing of a blue and yellow insect on a white background
a drawing of a large insect sitting on top of a white surface with brown and black markings
Cicada orni
the different types of bugs are shown in this drawing technique, and each beetle has its own name on it
Watercolor Bugs Insects Collection (198020)
a bug with long legs is hanging on the wall
a green and yellow butterfly emerging from its chlobud coco on a tree branch
Monarch chrysalis
a large metallic bug with long horns on it's back
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