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a woman holding her nose and pointing to the word nose jokes & puns on it
Sniff Out the Fun: Hilarious Nose Jokes for Everyone
Looking for a way to lighten the mood? Our super funny nose jokes are here to save the day! Whether you’re around the dinner table or just hanging out, these jokes are perfect for sharing and laughing together.
a cartoon fish with the caption's name in front of it and an image of
100+ Hilarious Fish Jokes | Skip To My Lou
colorful peppers with the words pepper jokes and puns on them in black overlay
Pepper Puns That Pack a Punch
Dive into our garden of giggles with the zestiest pepper puns and jokes around! Perfect for chefs, foodies, or anyone looking to sprinkle their day with laughter.
funny corn jokes for kids and adults
Funny Corn Jokes and Puns
Are you looking for some funny jokes about corn, popcorn and candy corn? Then read on and prepare to laugh your socks off!
a pretzel with the words funny pretzel puns
Get Twisted with These Hilarious Pretzel Puns!
Lets look into a world of savory humor with these twisted pretzel puns that will knot disappoint. Whether you dip them in cheese or mustard, these jokes are sure to make your taste buds and funny bone happy!
lettuce puns and jokes are the best way to teach kids how to grow lettuce
Lettuce Jokes to Brighten Your Day
These lettuce jokes are sure to make you chuckle. Whether you're a fan of salads or not, these puns will have you laughing. Share them with your friends and enjoy a good laugh today.
a poster with the words funny and funny jokes
40+ Funny Beef Jokes to Make You Go Moo
Beef refers to meat from cattle. It’s a versatile meat, as you can add it to many dishes. Read funny beef jokes for a laugh next time you have it.
the 25 + hilarious card jokes for adults and children to play with on their own
25+ Hilarious Card Jokes to Deal a Laugh
A game of cards is entertaining. It also makes you think and bond with others. Read card jokes for a laugh the next time you play or see them.
two limes with the words 70 + hilarious lime jokes on it and an image of a lemon
70+ Hilarious Lime Jokes
A lime is a round and green citrus fruit. They offer sour flavors with a hint of bitterness. Read lime jokes for a laugh next time you see or use one.
a green car with the words'10 + hilarious car jokes'in front of it
110+ Funny Car Jokes to Rev Up Laughter
Cars give you freedom, mobility, and more experiences. With so many types comes a lot of humor opportunities. Read the funniest car jokes.
two cherries with the words funny cherry puns
The Berry Best Cherry Puns You'll Ever Find.
Indulge in a burst of fruity fun with these cherry puns that will leave you feeling pit-ifully entertained! From cherry-tastic wordplays to juicy jokes, this collection is sure to add a pop of laughter to your day. Why not share your favorite cherry pun with a friend and spread the cheer like jam on toast?
an orange with the words funny orange jokes on it
Orange You Glad You Found These Punny Jokes? Have A Peel at Our Best Orange Humor! 🧡
From cheesy to clever, these orange-themed puns are sure to squeeze a smile out of you! Get ready to get juiced up on laughter with our top picks!
the cowboy riddle game for kids that is fun and easy to play with it's answers
50 Cowboy Riddles For Kids That Make You Go YeeHaw
Saddle up for the funniest cowboy riddles for kids around these parts! We reckon these kid-friendly riddles will have your whole family laughing!