Captain America

Thor Avengers Marvel Captain America May be my top Marvel gif ever! Cap makes Thor very nervous.

Chris Evans and Shaq- Hilarious

And in that moment, Chris truly connects with pre-serum Steve being compared to his fellow soldiers.<<< nailed it. Chris Evans next to Shaq.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Poster by AncoraDesign on deviantART

Captain America: Civil War Movie Poster by AncoraDesign on deviantART/// I like how Cap is as buff as Iron Man's armor…hahaha

Tom Hiddleston

So a little kid went to the filming of "The Avengers" in Central Park and Loki and Thor in full costume walked past. They saw the little boy with his Captain America shield and took pictures with him.

Christian Bale (Dark Knight) + Henry Cavill (Man of the Steel) + Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) + Chris Evans (Capt. America) + Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) + Chris Hemsworth (Thor) + Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) + Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) + Andrew Garfield (Spiderman)

Things I’ll NEVER Understand about Men!

Batman Superman Green Lantern Captain America Iron Man Thor the Hulk Wolverine Spider-Man = sexy men

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. The adorableness is too real!!!!!!!

the first one is like Bucky and Steve, then its Sebastian and Chris, then Sebastian and Chris pretending to be Bucky and Steve

Chris Evans! ❤️

Chris Evans has a softer side you might not know about. The five facts about Chris Evans in this article explores the actors hidden side.

Chris Evans (Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Winter soldier) & Anthony Mackie (Falcon)

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson)