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two young men looking at each other through a fence with the caption get in closer, we're going shopping
28 Snapchats From Harry Potter
28 Snap(e)chats From Harry Potter Get it loser, we're going shopping!
a young boy in yellow shirt and blue shorts holding a baseball bat with words on it
two tweets on twitter with the caption that reads, daily mountain eagle ok, northers, stop criciizing how we handle snow and ice it's rare down here kind of like winning a bcs championship up there
I always wondered why he didn't just bend down & pick up the freaking letter!
an image of a referee on the sidelines with text that reads, you can't do that
This may be the only NHL ref I actually enjoy
Down with Detroit
the words are written in black and white on a green background that says, after game takes step owl takes step owl takes step owl takes step
Soccer and after competitive dance
an open book with the title and a red line in between it's pages
Joint presents is a Muggle-fucking declaration.
Harry's reflection doesn't yet show who he is inside. | 13 Things You Only Realize When You Reread Harry Potter As An Adult
All the time. Messi Gif
All the time.