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two mason jars filled with vegan cream and topped with a wooden spoon
Vegan Sour Cream (Dairy-Free) - Elavegan
a bowl filled with coleslaw, carrots and sprouts
Best Vegan Coleslaw | Dairy-free & Gluten-free Recipes | Simply Quinoa
Two images of vegan tofu tacos. Meals, Smoothies, Pasta, Healthy Recipes, Recipes, Kochen, Cuisine, Tofu Tacos
Vegan Spicy Thai Tofu Tacos
a white plate topped with strawberries and mint
Refreshing Keto Watermelon Fruit Salad
Easy Keto Watermelon fruit salad with lime mint dressing | Whole food recipes, Fruit salad recipes, Cooking recipes
a white bowl filled with food on top of a table
Ginger Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Stew
1h 5m
black beans with baked plantains and guacamole in a bowl
Sofrito Black Beans with Baked Sweet Plantains - Plant Based RD
tofu gusado in a skillet with text overlay
Puerto Rican Tofu Guisado (Tofu Stew)
Go plant-based and enjoy your cozy bowl of Puerto Rican Tofu Guisado. Completely meat-free made with "meaty" tofu, tender potatoes, carrots chunks, and a variety of Puerto Rican spices. #vegan #stew #tofustew #polloguisado #comfortfood
a plate topped with burritos covered in toppings
Chickpea Wraps | Easiest 20 Min. Vegan Wrap You'll Ever Make
red beans and dirty rice with collard greens on a white plate, text vegan
Vegan Red Beans & Dirty Rice with Collard Greens ~ This Wife Cooks
the ingredients for this pesto sauce are shown
Caribbean Green Seasoning - Healthier Steps
Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice
the ingredients for authentic falafe in a food processor
Authentic Homemade Falafel
Authentic homemade falafel made from dried chickpeas, herbs and garlic. If you've been wondering how to make restaurant quality falafel at home, the secret is in using dried chickpeas and NOT cooked chickpeas from a can. This recipe makes AMAZING falafel - just like they came from a restaurant!
quesadillas on a plate with sour cream and garnished with herbs
Easy Stuffed Flatbread | Bolani
Easy Stuffed Flatbread | Bolani