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an empty swing set in a field with mirrors on it
3/8 AR500 KYL steel reactive target
Know your limits 3/8 AR500 targets are from 6" to 1." The target discs and arms are made from 3/8 AR500. Cross Bar is made from a solid 15/16" bar and the legs are made of quarter wall angle to deflect misplaced rounds. Legs are held on by jam bolts making the whole assembly easy to transport. This kit incluides everyhting you need: *One 5’ long cross bar *4 legs *6 swinging targets *12 large washers *12 Cotter pins *1 wrench
How do you like this combination from a two-year-old gymnast who has been regularly training on the
Gross Motor Skills
red circles are hanging on the side of a fence
Frick Metals KYL Swinging Steel Target 3/8 AR500
3/8" AR500 target with 5 individual swinging targets. Targets decrease in size from 5" diameter to 1" diameter in 1" increments. Frame is made from 1/2" round bar, measures approximately 31" x 21" and has the ends sharpened slightly for easier placement into the ground. These are stand-alone pieces, press them into the ground using the crossbar at the bottom of the target and its ready to go. We also make leg extensions if you would like a taller target.
three black and orange target holders in the middle of a grassy field with grass behind them
7 Genuinely Irresistible Gifts for the Dad Who Loves His Guns
7 Genuinely Irresistible Gifts for the Dad Who Loves His Guns
a metal chain hanging from the side of a tree with a disc attached to it
CTS Tree Hanger with Gong Target
an image of a bat that is in the middle of a target with numbers on it
archery targets Archives
an image of a shooting target with numbers on the side and arrows in the middle
Tear Off The Calendar: 4 Other Approaches To Time Management
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an old paper with different types of targets
an image of a target with numbers on the center and two arrows in the middle