Judit Áfonya Nagy

Judit Áfonya Nagy

Judit Áfonya Nagy
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A very nice photo of a storm brewing behind the Five Finger Island Lighthouse.

Fog and clouds highlight the need for The Five Fingers Lighthouse in Stephens Passage in the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.

Searching, Search

Monkey Orchid

It is named as Monkey Face Orchid usually found in forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters on mountains. The smell of this flower is just like a ripe orange when it is fully blossomed

Orchid "Space Alien"

Orchis italica, "Naked Man Orchid/Naked Fairy Orchid Native to the Mediterranean. This species of orchid looks like many other European orchids with its bright pink, densely clustered flowers.