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Gymles voor kleuters, eenvoudig elastieken les 1, juf Petra van kleuteridee.

we called this Chinese jump rope.

Yoga Props: Bolsters and Blankets and Blocks, Oh My! (Hugger Mugger 2013 Yoga Props Guide)

Love this info! If you ever wondered how to use your yoga props: yoga strap, yoga block, bolster, etc. during a pose :)

Family yoga ideas

Why do family yoga? To both deepen the connection with those you love in a playful way while deepening your stretches in poses with the help of your all too eager family members. I spent an hour Sa…

The Magnetic Yoga 63-Piece Set features one-inch tiles that you simply snap apart and put on any magnetic surface. You get 63 different poses, in a variety of colors, complete with both the Sanskrit and English names. They can be rearranged to create numerous unique yoga routines - use in your studio, make a statement at work, or can be used to simply decorate your refrigerator. Makes a great gift for that yogi in your life!

Magnetic Yoga - 63 poses on separate magnets. mix them up and make your own combos and sequences =)