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a close up of a red rope with the word fingerlop braid on it
Fingerloop Braid: "A Grene Dorge of VI Bowes" c. 1475
many different colored braids are lined up together
CONTINUE HERE: 7-loop square and flat braids
fingerloop braids, loop braiding, instructions, tutorial, video tutorial
two hands are holding small white sticks on a table with crochet hooks in front of them
START HERE! 5-loop square and flat braids
START HERE! 5-loop braids – Loop Braiding
two hands are holding small sticks on a table
7-loop Spanish braid, pts 1 and 2
(Combo version of my two new "Spanish Braid" videos) Learn the 7-loop square braid first--spanish braids have twice as many loop transfers as square braids. ...
two hands are holding scissors and threading through the yarn on top of a roll of toilet paper
Finger braiding a flat lace
a woman is doing something with her hands on the table and needles in front of her
Boyutlu kordon yapımı - YouTube
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to the words, a very simple fingerloop braid
A very simple fingerloop braid
A very simple fingerloop braid - YouTube
two hands are holding several strings in front of a piece of paper that is attached to a wall
How to make the box braid friendship bracelet
two hands are holding the ends of a string that is attached to a loom
Longer loop braids, and starts with no ends
LONGER loop braids
an orange string is tied to the back of a chair with two wooden sticks sticking out of it
Tutorial: 9-loop braids
9-loop braid, #15
instructions on how to tie a loop with scissors
Basic Turn Cord
two hands are working on an object that looks like a pair of scissors, with the words how to use a luget fork by crystalized designs
How to Use a Lucet Fork ~ A Tutorial