Budapest,  Hungría

Funicular* Budapest* Hungary* which I intend to travel by when Budapest is the final city on my middle Europe trip early in April

Elizabeth Bridge, Budapest, Hungary.

Elizabeth Bridge Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Ph Ferdinando Scavone

Elisabeth Bridge, Budapest, 1945

Elisabeth Bridge, Budapest, After being destroyed during the war, it is now a plain white metal bridge spanning the River Danube.

Construction of the original Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet-híd.) Lasted 1897-1903! The bridge was named after Elizabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, wife of Francis Joseph I assassinated in Geneva in 1898. Its 290-meter span over the Danube, made it the longest suspension bridge in the world. Blown up by German troops at the end of WW II, it is the only Danube bridge in Budapest that was not rebuilt after the war. Instead, a new bridge was built between 1960 and 1964.

These are what the Elisabeth Bridge in Budapest looked like in the past. Elisabeth Bridge under construction, 1902 The old Elisabe.


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State of the art of Hungarian, Budapest, Margaret  Bridge

State of the art of Hungarian, Budapest, Margaret Bridge

Bridge of Maria Valeria which connects Esztergom (HU) and Štúrovo (SK)

At Esztergom and Štúrovo, the Danube separates Hungary from Slovakia

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Zebegényi 7 lyukú vasúti híd.