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♥ "Love" #tattoo

Ankle tattoos are feminine in nature and are just right tattoo option for girls and women who seek attention. Pictures of Ankle tattoo designs. - Part 6

Love the quote! Cute placement too. #tattoo

Here's the thing: I HATE this quote. You cannot stand up more times than you fall down. You fall seven times, you get up 7 times. You can't phantom stand up one time.

I want this bathing suit.

Hot pink bikini is def a need for this summers collection. Also bows, red polka dots and studs and maybe cutouts anx fringe! Def floral bottoms with white or pink tops ugh


Heading beach or pool side? Step outside in this, the sun won't be the only hot thing this summer. This bikini is a must-have beach item to wear on the sand and