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a painting of a woman covering her face with her hands
Denis Sarazhin
an image of two people standing next to each other in front of trees and flowers
to love many things
Flemish, Fragment of a tapestry showing a courtly couple, c.1500-30
an old tapestry with two women in the middle and one woman holding a bird on her lap
Medieval tapestry, ladies embroidering
a tapestry with an image of a woman and dog
Rugs, Texas, Gadgets, Agra, Oriental, Kilim Rugs, Rugs And Carpet
All Oriental, Traditional, & Antique Rugs | Landry & Arcari
Turkish Rugs, Kilims, Tribal Rug, Bohemian Rug
8 X 10 — Art To Walk On
an antique rug with colorful flowers and leaves on it, in blue tones is shown
Rug ATN336J - Artisan Area Rugs by Safavieh
an area rug with various designs and colors on the carpet, including blue, green, brown
Morris & Co. Blackthorn Forest Green Tufted Rug | Ruggable
a blue rug with floral designs on it