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an inflatable object with people standing around it on a brick sidewalk near buildings
plastique fantastique inflates bubble around landmark in helsinki
plastique fantastique helsinki superkolmemen designboom
an outdoor living area with couches and trees
Award Winning Gibbon Street Residence - Cavill Architects
Gibbon Street | Cavill Architects
several people are standing in the middle of a large circular area with lots of brown benches
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain - The best art museums in the world
Richard Serra, "The Matter of Time", 2005, installation of eight sculptures of steel sheets, 12-14 ft high and 44-276 tons, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.
the light is shining through the windows in an alley
multiples estrategias de arquitectura
"LOS RESQUICIOS"... "En la ciudad hay entidades que no vemos, pero nos rodean, abrazan y acarician cuando pasamos a su través con la misma voluptuosidad que los fantasmas y las corrientes de aire: son los resquicios. Espacios a los que no prestamos suficiente atención porque se encuentran a medio camino entre la arquitectura y la ciudad, pero que no llegan a pertenecer a ninguno de los dos mundos"...
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a city
Gallery of Flexible Landscape / GOA Architects - 3
Gallery - Flexible Landscape / GOA Architects - 3
a person standing under a large metal structure
Tenda da Sole Laterale: Quando Utilizzarla e le Sue Caratteristiche - Ur Design
8 icd itke robotically fabricated carbon and glass fibre pavilion ICD/ITKE Robotically Fabricated Carbon and Glass Fibre Pavilion
a sculpture made out of white sticks on top of a black surface with one piece missing
abstract architectural models - Google Search
an abstract sculpture is shown in black and white, with multiple lines coming out of it
Model making
an abstract piece of paper cut into shapes
Antimatter - Vjeko Sager
Antimatter - Vjeko Sager NIGRUM CANDIDA VERUNT. Turn black in white and white in black. paper cutouts 12" x 8" drawings charcoal on conte paper 13" x 19"
an abstract sculpture made out of white paper on a gray surface with light coming from behind it
Model making
an aerial view of trees and umbrellas in the snow, with no leaves on them
enochliew: Tree Clubhouse by Trace Architecture Office Tree-shaped columns with cantilevered beams form a rambling structure that zigzags between real trees in a riverside Beijing park. The project will be built in phases.
an architectural model is shown in black and white
PRODUCTORA - Proyectos
[A3N] : Villa in Ordos, Inner Mongolia 1/100 model (conceptual design)
an open book sitting on top of a table
Kirby Benjamin Chipboard Study Model 14 View 4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!