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an oil painting of a stream in the woods surrounded by fall foliage and trees with yellow leaves
Фото на I.UA
Янулевич Геннадий.
a painting of water and trees in the background with red grass on the bank,
Paisajes de Jose Lopez, pintura realistas, paisajes colombianos, pintores colombianos, arte de Colombia
an oil painting of trees and water in the fall
Celebrate Each New Day
two paintings of rocks and water in different stages of being painted by the same artist
Tom Wheeler
Beautiful detail
a river running through a forest filled with lots of rocks and trees in the fall
The Valley
a painting of two deer standing in the snow by a fence with barbed wire around it
Wildlife art by renowned Iowa artist Larry Zach, featuring farm scenes, whitetail deer, songbirds, turkey, elk, wolves, lions, and more.
a painting of a deer with antlers standing in the woods
Deer in Forest Landscape
four seagulls are standing on the beach by the water
Original Paintings
Catherine McClung watercolor - Sidline Sandbar Could easily remind me of Vancouver Harbour or the Gulf Islands, such a familiar sight is loaded with memories for many people living in the Pacific North West!