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Storms, Healing Magic, Ritual Bath
a page from the book water
What is the sign trying to say? Get a free Tarot Card reading by clicking on the pin.
Pisces, Protection Spells, Spirit Guides, Tarot, Lightworker Spirituality, Ritual Magic
Water Evocation poster
Meditation, Art, Rituals
Water Elemental Invocation Chant
the water symbols are drawn in different colors and shapes, including saturn, venus, earth,
The Fig & The Wasp
the magic water app on an iphone
a sign describing how to use and make witch waters
Inspiration, Earth Fire Water Air, Earth Air Fire Water, Earth Elements
Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water
an image of water symbols and their names on a blue background with the moon, venus, saturn, pluto, earth, and stars
The Fig & The Wasp