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the rock and his wife are talking to each other in this scene from the tv series
April: I haven't been fair to you, I know. And I've really hurt you. Jackson: And you're getting married. April: and then that bus exploded and I thought you were gone. Unless you can give me a reason not to. Grey's Anatomy quotes.
two doctors are talking to each other and one is holding his head in his hands
Everybody in this room is her family!
two men standing on top of a hill with their hands in the air and one holding his thumb up
Heart Attack
McDreamy and Mcsteamy :) greys-anatomy
two men in scrubs pointing at the camera
Justin Chambers and Jesse Williams
two people hugging each other in the middle of a room
I think this was after the bomb exploded in the hospital.
a man holding a baby in his arms
for the record, i am your knight in shining whatever.
two people in hospital gowns with the caption nobody knows where might end up
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a man and woman kissing in front of each other with their arms around one another
jackson and april on grey's anatomy
the doctor and his wife are talking to each other in front of an eye chart
the many faces of tv characters in different roles, from one man to another person
Dr. Alex Karev..
a man laying in bed next to a woman who is holding her head and looking at him
Season 12 episode 9
a man with a bandana on his head is looking at the camera and has an interesting quote
stop being too good
two people in red raincoats and one is looking at the camera while another person looks
Grey's anatomy