Julianna Balogh

Julianna Balogh

Julianna Balogh
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Capitolo 17: Breath http://lovemoon-klaudia19.blogspot.com/2014/02/capitolo-17-breath.html?spref=tw #FF su #CNBLUE #Shinhwa and other

yaruki-nashi: “So my friend is an exchange student in Seoul and today she had a class and guess who walked in LEE f*cking JONG SUK!

Lee Jong Suk - Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk - Doctor Stranger - His dirty look cannot be more perfect >_< his expressions are so prominent on his face (more so than most people) that's what i love about him


Looking forward to or special episode at 9 I guess by the time I wake up, all the social media will be flooded with our couple again having drama l.