Spiral galaxy

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Time Travel Troubles- The 3 Polls You Will Need To Peek Into Time Travelling!

Questions to face yourself to help you embrace ALL past, present and future... and see what others say! (P.S: Be honest. We won't judge you!) Good luck, Time Ranger!


Galaxy - M3315 " Magica" From 3.3.15 http://fav.me/d8ka7cc When stars once free Are caught in screams A churning mass Tears at their seams The dying...

A Dusty View of Milky Ways Smaller Cousin - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

This spectacular spiral galaxy is known to astronomers as Messier 83. Colloquially, it is also called the Southern Pinwheel due to its similarity to the more northerly Pinwheel galaxy Messier 101. NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope shows us, in spectacular detail, the infrared structure of what many think of as our own Milky Way galaxys smaller cousin.

Spiral galaxies are eating their dwarf galaxy brethren all across the universe

A new series of photos and artists' conceptions reveal in breathtaking detail the vicious world of galactic evolution, where spiral galaxies attract, shred, and assimilate nearby dwarf galaxies. Check out more images of our galaxy-eat-galaxy cosmos.

Exotic black holes caught turning into a superfluid

A model of a higher-dimensional black hole matches what happens when liquid helium loses all its stickiness, a coincidence that could help study both oddities

Cassiopeia A Star Spitzer Hubble JPL NASA space telescope photo PIA01903

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Gravitational Waves Coming Off White Dwarves

Gravitational Waves Coming Off White Dwarves -

The Differences Between Traditional And Online College Degree Programs – Colleges Up

The difference between attending a traditional and online college goes far more than just being on-campus or being at home when taking up your classes. Before you decide which one to choose, you must understand the distinction between the two. In this article, we have enumerated what sets apart traditional from online education. Knowing them will help assure that you get the best collegiate experience suited for your lifestyle. Flexibility The flexibility offered by online colleges is a…

Space - A Pair of Spiral Galaxies ARP 273 from Hubble Telescope Art Print

A Museum Quality Art Print of Images of a Pair of Spiral Galaxies known as ARP 273 images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. This photogenic pair of spiral galaxies are in the Andromeda Constellation and is located roughly 300 million light years from Earth. The image shows a tenuous tidal bridge of material between the two galaxies that are separated from each other by tens of thousands of light years, while in this picture the galaxies look like they are almost touching each other, due…

Why You Should Consider Taking A Local Online College Degree – Colleges Up

There are many factors that potential online college students should consider before choosing a program. That includes the program of study, reputation, cost, convenience, and many more. However, it turns out that more and more online learners choose online schools that are closer to their homes. Experts suggest that online students should look at the factors beyond proximity. However, in case you are already considering to enroll in a program near your home, here are some reasons why this…