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I like trains
Sophie Blackwood
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A Witty Series Of Illustrations Depicting The Reality Of Creative Jobs -

We love the creative industries, and we love working in them, but we also know that every job has it's little downsides. We're also big fans of Chris (Simpsons Artist)'s amazingly surreal illustrati.

#snk #aot #jeankirschtein #marcobodt #jeanmarco #reinerbraun #bertholdthoover #reibert

#snk #aot #jeankirschtein #marcobodt #jeanmarco #reinerbraun #bertholdthoover #reibert

Shingeki No Kyojin, Attack On Titan

“We are victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt” <--- I think I have found my favourite SNK picture

"We are both victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt." (Credit to the original artist) << I forgive you and I also believe you do deserve to be here.<<<excuse me while I cry

#MikeNana #JeanMarco

Mike, Nanaba, Jean, Marco, etc.


THIS. JUST THIS. IN ALL ITS BEAUTY. Yuri on ice funny | Tumblr

*on a tourist bus* now, we have this picture, representing a summary of Yuri on ice's characters *everyone gasps* *everyone takes photos*