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La visión del peyote

THE PEYOTE VISION -- "Works of art inspired by Huichol tradition and mythology. The author is Antonio Carrillo de la Cruz of the community of Santa Catarina

Huichol indian yarn painting of peyote cactus

Peyote was a powerful plant helper for ancient people of the Lower Pecos. Like the Huichol indians of Mexico today, ancient people probably considered peyote a sacred plant. Peyote contains the dru…

Scythian Gold Stag Plaque, 5th Century BC  Found in the Kul Oba Barrow near Kerch, Crimea. Decorated with a griffin, rabbit, lion, panther and a ram.  The Scythians had reverence for the stag, which was one of the most common motifs in their artwork, especially at funeral sites. The swift animal was believed to speed the spirits of the dead on their way to the afterlife.

Plaque: Deer Date: century bc Place of finding: Kul Oba Barrow (excavations by P. Debrux, Archaeological site: Crimea, environs of Kerch Material: gold Technique: chased State Hermitage Museum