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two pictures of the same house with different levels and windows on each side, one has stairs leading up to the second floor
Container House - China - Container Hacker
two story house made out of shipping containers
2-Story Handy Container House Model made with 3 Shipping Containers - Living in a Container
two pictures side by side with the same container in it and one is being converted into a house
Insta Container House from New York
the before and after pictures of shipping containers
He Built His Luxury House Alone with Six Containers in France - Living in a Container
two pictures of the inside and outside of a building with black sidings on it
Unique and Creative Shipping Container House from Creative-Cabins
three different views of a house in the woods, with trees and grass around it
Shipping Container House Model for Family of 4 People - Living in a Container
before and after pictures of a two story house
30 Amazing-Looking Houses Built From Recycled Shipping Containers
Winter getaway in these Cabins in the snow,
Wonderful Veranda Shipping Container House
Charming Container House