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Consumed by Darkness by Callthistragedy1 on DeviantArt

It was halloween, and I wanted to make some kind of monster or whatever and it turned into this! Im pretty happy with how it came out! Consumed by Darkness

Unholy by Sanskarans

“Sandeep Karunakaran the keeper hammer to the evil cthulhu screaming skulls the red lady bullstorm dark stallion white noise vraklek unholy” dark art but so so amazing

wizards by faQy

I´m listening harry potter audio books while working so here are some little character doodles (sooooo- remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Quire.

Low Poly 3D Models

Low Poly Maya Dungeon This modular game level building set is BitGem’s second level building set in the low poly, hand painted series.