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Consumed by Darkness by Callthistragedy1 on DeviantArt

It was halloween, and I wanted to make some kind of monster or whatever and it turned into this! Im pretty happy with how it came out! Consumed by Darkness

La Rochelle by RadoJavor

Rado Javor is a Slovakian concept artist who’s favorite style of art is magical realism. Rado’s work takes us into a fantasy filled historical world.

Entropy of Love by kimded on DeviantArt

"dynamic systems evolve irreversibly towards the state with higher entropy" The idea for this image came to me as I thought about the above statement to. Entropy of Love

Unholy by Sanskarans

naked-yogi: “ knightofleo: “ Sandeep Karunakaran the keeper hammer to the evil cthulhu screaming skulls the red lady bullstorm dark stallion white noise vraklek unholy ” dark art but so so amazing ”

The House Of Spikes by JonasDeRo

I recently discovered yet another amazing artist. His name is Jonas De RoThe. Jonas is currently living and working in London. He is a digital artist doing