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My husband, ladies and gentlemen...

I'll be like Me: hey you ppl,friends,pals,sisters from anpther mister. Them: OMG WHHHAAATTTT Me: in case you doing notice. Them:WHHHAATT Me: im in an annoying mood Friend amrs and squeezes* we know! Me:*fake licks their face* hee hee.


People say somethings are just the tip of the ice burg. Well, compared to the books the PJO movies aren't even that. They're the tip of the cloud, that's floating next to the iceberg. <<< so true

Good thing I'm a nord, and a true son of Skyrim.>> My High Elf and Khajit are frowning upon you. My Khajit is casting her level 100 Destruction spells.