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a black and white photo of a horse with a crown on it's head
EQ Graphics | Looking for Ideas for a Masculine Equestrian Logo? Check Out This Show Jumping Design
a horse logo on a white background with the words, m b k horse design
I will design minimalist hand drawn pet, animal, horse, cat, dog logo
a horse and rider logo on a white background with the words saruhundt
Logo Fotografie & Pferdeausbildung
Ein tolles Logo im Linien Stil, Pferd, Reiter, Fotografie, Kamera, Pferdeausbildung
the letter d is made up of gold foil and has an elegant crown on it
EQ Graphics | Letter D Converges With Welsh Cob Likeness for Hunter Pony Breeder's Custom Logo
an animal logo with the letter s in it's tail and tail curled up
EQ Graphics | Andalusian Dressage Horse Woven Into SS Letter Logo
Two horse head outlines form the outer edges of a fleur de lis. This equestrian logo is shown in gold foil on a black business card. Logo Design Examples, Typography Logo, Logo Design Inspiration Branding, Branding Design Inspiration
Horse Head Fleur de Lis Art for an Equestrian Logo
When a logo design customer wants two horse heads to make a fleur de lis, our logo designers know it's going to be a good week. This beautiful art was created for Vita Nova Farm.
the letter s and horse logo is shown in black with white letters, which appear to be
a horse and rider logo with the letter gvs on it's back side
In search of equestrian logo for hunter / jumper show stables | Logo design contest
the letter r in black and white with a horse's head on top of it