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a man laying on top of a bed next to a pile of books and papers
graffiti on the side of a building near a sidewalk
Graffiti in Slovenia
a sign that reads please with a drawing of a person on it
Street art
This art is located in Slovenia in Maribor
a hand holding a notebook with blue and green swirls on it
Blue doodles
Doodles with pen
there are many different colored macaroons in the box
I made this with my aunt
a door covered in stickers and magnets
"One sticker a day keeps the doctor away"
I found all this on the streets, in different towns, cities
a drawing with the word love written in cursive writing
Mi amore
a close up of a sticker on a table next to a cell phone and other items
Funny sticker
a street sign on the side of the road with a poster in front of it
Szoki választások
I guess valahol Móricz környékén van
the stage is lit up with blue and green lights
Bring Me The Horizon
This concert was in Budapest at Budapest Park, the photo was taken when BMTH was playing 'Lost'