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a cake with chocolate frosting and nuts on top
Ferrero Rocher torta
a cake with white frosting and pink flowers on the top is cut in half
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
UHMMMM im pretty sure that is Bird Vetch on top, which can be poisonous to humans.... by oldrose
a decorated cake sitting on top of a wooden table
- Sugar Eccentric Stunning celebration cakes
Edible Art. Celebration Cakes and Sugar Work. Bespoke, Artistic, Creative, Fabulous Cakes.
a cake decorated with flowers and grass on a plate next to a doily table cloth
Craft Ideas | Hobbycraft
How to Make a Floral Garden Cake #baking #advanced #floral #garden #cake #easter
a three tiered cake is decorated with trees, flowers and street lights on top
there is a cake made to look like a house
a three tiered cake with white flowers and greenery on the bottom is displayed in an instagram
Edible Cake Toppers – Australia's edible cake image experts
Custom Icing Edible Images - Any image made completely edible with icing or wafer. Worldwide delivery! Visit our website to order yours today!
a cake with a bicycle on top and a lamppost in the middle for decoration
Penny Farthing cake - from the Carlos Lischetti 'Animation in Sugar' book
a three tiered cake with black flowers and leaves on the top, sitting on a table
Morticia the Halloween Wedding Cake Pictorial • Avalon Cakes Online School
This is one sexy, dark, shimmery wedding cake! I'm digging that gunmetal shine and the black and white sugar flower decor! #weddingcake #cake #decorating #shiny #metallic #black #white #silver #howto #tutorial #cakedecorating
there is a cake shaped like a carrot with a bunny sitting next to it on the plate
Fat Easter Bunny Carrot Cake Tutorial!
Fat Easter Bunny Carrot Cake Tutorial! - YouTube
a birthday cake made to look like a film strip and popcorn bucket with stars around it
Cool Cake Designs (39 pics)
Cool Cake Designs (39 pics)
a cake that is shaped like a pond with goldfish in it and flowers on the side
I made this cake for a fairly new customer, this is her 3rd cake and she is the loveliest lady and always gives me such great themes to work with. This is for her aunt who is turning 80 and has a lovely big fish pond in her garden and loads of pot...
there is a fish tank that has been placed on the table with some candy in it
20 Unbelievable Cakes You'll Want to See
20 Unbelievable Cakes You’ll Want to See