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#wattpad #de-todo |JiYoon | KookGi | NamGi | |JinYoon | TaeGi | SeokYoon | //Suga pasiva  Aclaro antes que no quiero que tomen mis opiniones como si dijese que Yoongi es pasiva por que se parezca a una mujer, NO.  ♡ Amantes de Suga pasiva, digan "Presente" ♡ - ¿Suga, activo? - Not Today  Razones por el cual el...

좋은 사랑 miles de imágenes o gif yoonmin para tu consumo~.


Yoonseok is my truest ship in BTS. Either it be bromantically or however, Hobi makes Yoongi happy. Like have you watched the Sope performance lmao

Love this part.... O.O

when I first watched the choreography, I thought the other members did it half way for the practice. Do it now Jungkook, while you can. These guys are amazing.