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http://www.woodesigner.net has fantastic guidance and techniques to woodworking

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Technically the subject of this photo dates from 1212, therefore after the Viking age officially ended, however it shows the beautiful mastery of woodcarving stemming from earlier Viking traditions. The Vikings were known for their beautiful flowing artwork in which elongated animal forms twist and intertwine with one another, giving a sense of movement and life to an otherwise still carving.

Medieval Viking Church in Oslo, Norway. I just love this carving style. It would be awesome to have all over our house.

Ancient Viking Craftsman door. 900 yrs old? Now THAT'S QUALITY!!!

This Door Is 909 Years Old - Built By The Hand Of Viking Craftsman In 1100 AD. Crafting was one of the past times for the vikings, one amazing craft by a viking was this door that survived through the years.


In this pin, an old door is depicted with a skeleton key in its lock. I chose this pin for Patsy Henry because she had to lock her own mother in the basement of her house. Back in the doors most likely would've looked similar to this.