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This is an excellent craft for bored adults with free access to office supplies. I'm going to make like 100 of these and hide them around work.

It’s time to relax and give your mind a break. Forget about the emails, phone calls and busy schedules and get lost in sheer creativity. These coloring pages Continue reading

Bird In Blooming Tree Photo:  This Photo was uploaded by mooseriver. Find other Bird In Blooming Tree pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobu...

Karla Gerard Patterns by Hetty Van Gurp. A selection of whimsical folk art patterns created by artist, Karla Gerard.

Iskolai szabályok | Marci fejlesztő és kreatív oldala | Bloglovin

Iskolai szabályok (Marci fejlesztő és kreatív oldala)

Műsorok, jelenetek

Műsorok, jelenetek

11. Anyák napi forgatókönyv - A legszebb ajándék

11. Anyák napi forgatókönyv - A legszebb ajándék

Handprint Frog Crafts for Kids

Easy to make Recycled CD Frog Craft

Here is an easy to make recycled cd frog craft that can be made in less than 10 minutes! Kids will love making this adorable handprint frog.

Dot trees - just use different sized sponges to make the trees!

This could be done with a stamp pad and or fingerprints. A nice community building project. Start with the largest trees at the back and lighten the colour and decrease the size o (Diy Art Tree)