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On a toujours du mal pour les mains, voici une bonne aide !

how to draw hands pointing

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How to draw sleeves and hands - clothing drawing reference

Fukari art

Fukari art looks like my bff holy shet

Esperanza (left) Ryan (right)

how to draw anime lips | STRIDERBADGUY'S ART TIPS! (Drawing Heads: faces, eyes, mouths, and ...

how to draw anime lips media CigTtu1VEAAaN-l.jpg:large

tbh i'd turn the blue reference into a bad ass cool lookin girl and the pink reference into a cute flower crown boy c:

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Sora and Ishiki


How to draw cartoon fire step 4 (Step Drawing Sketch)

How to draw blood part 3.....

Blood Reference Sheet - How to draw bloody splatters / stains - Drawing Reference

Really sharp canines with teeth;mouths                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Fangs and teeth reference whoop