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Kamila Slodkowska

Kamila Slodkowska
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FREE composition activity that can be used for recorders or in general music!

This freebie is featured in the Music in Our Schools Month Melody eBook! (Release Date This free resource is a way to engage your students in beginning composition.

These assessments include 12 assessments for kindergarten music students and one cumulative assessment to use as a pre or post-assessment!

This contains 12 elementary music assessments for kindergarten music students! It comes with one cumulative assessment that covers all of the concepts assessed throughout the year and can be used before or after a lesson as a fun pre or post-assessment!

Music Theory Worksheets, Flash Cards, and Games for Kids

Drill Notes Names, Musical Terms, Musical Symbols with our Worksheets, Flash Cards, and Games for Kids/Children

Free Printable Music Worksheets | Opus Music Worksheets | Music Theory Worksheets - Music Theory Worksheet 10 - Time Signature 3/4

This free music theory worksheet teaches time signature In time, there are three beats per measure and a quarter note gets one beat.