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Peppermint candy cane hand poured wooden wick candles
a hand holding a small glass with some food in it and cinnamon sticks sticking out of the top
Устроим романтический ужин. А какой 💞 ужин без свечей? Много интересных идей для их изготовления🕯
seven orange slices are arranged around each other with candles in the shape of fruit on them
Bożonarodzeniowe – Warsztaty Świecowe – Aneta Szuniewicz
two coconut shell bowls with flowers in them are sitting on a table set for dinner
Beautiful wedding decoration with Coconut touch 🤎🤍💚
DIY Firestarters with soy wax
a hand holding a candle that is filled with mussels and other things in it
Protection Candle - Smudge Candle - Crystal & Herb Candles - Protection crystal candle - Aromath
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Christmas Candle MakeChristmas candles diyChristmas candles diy decoration
an orange and cinnamon candle in a box
home decor living room home decor aesthetics home decor aesthetic home decor bedroom home decor