Kamilla Koczkás

Kamilla Koczkás

Kamilla Koczkás
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Don't you just love Halloween and Pumpkin Carving diy crafts? I'm so PUMPED to try out these awesome easy DIY pumpkin carving ideas. You're gonna LOVE how amazing these pumpkins will make your home decor look! Check out the last five, you'll be shocked!

It's the festive season and we love decorating our home which is why we've compiled a list of the best pumpkin carving ideas that look awesome.

Absolutely love the biochemical zombie. Brings in a bit of my other half into my makeup

Love the shadowing and highlighting on the machine part of the hand. Wish all the nails were neutral color because the one green nail takes away from the look slightly.

manden maken van papier

DIY Simple Newspaper Weave Basket DIY Simple Newspaper Weave Basket - may need to try this one day. i was looking for baskets for the bathroom.