Kamilla Szathmary

Kamilla Szathmary

Kamilla Szathmary
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Susurro - Ilusión óptica More prevalent than people know. It's not schizophrenia it's a lot of other things that one's sensations, stress levels, hormone levels, body chemistry etc that cause all sorts of things one hears. Most hide it increadably well as it becomes another issue one has to adapt too. People have an increadable abilities to adapt to things they never thought they could.

Mental health shouldn't be a taboo or an issue. Adverts like these can help it on the way not to be. The design creates a discreet, hidden look, this works well for the subject matter.

Brain science in order to improve your social media ads. As simple as following these steps. #DDWSU

Heinz Tomato Ketchup This ad shows the need to satisfy curiosity. It shows this by having the ketchup bottle look like slices of tomatoes. Which satisfies the curiosity that it is made with real tomatoes.

This anti-smoking ad shows, in a way, how smoking can affect the smoker's lungs. It encourages smokers to quit in order to avoid getting lung cancer and dying.

Blood donation ad by Angelos Ntinas

Poster / Participation in the Greek graphic designer's association, "Creative waves" initiative on social design.This month's specific project aims to promote blood donation, in collaboration with "blood bonds" blood donators club, in Argolida, Greece.