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I just want to know what this meme is called don't upvote

Murdoc: i wonder who sold that geep... im going to find them. 2D:

Murdoc: i wonder who sold that geep. points to him self while Murdoc isn't looking

Image result for gorillaz memes

Image result for gorillaz memes

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The neon lights makes me numb. — My Gorillaz fanarts from August 2017 :P Art by me.

Perfeito pra indireta

I read that as Furiends Don't Lie<<< *slow clap*

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stranger things, wallpaper, and the clash image

Stranger Things lockscreen

Stranger Things Kids for Men T Shirt

Stranger Things

Upside down.

Stranger Things: The Acrobats and the Fleas

Stranger Things: The Flea and The Acrobat.

Stranger things wallpaper

the hand is so fat tho