Julia Child

You are the boss of that dough- Julia Child I have to remember this when I'm baking!

Julia Child. I love her.

Cousin of my Grandmother Cora (Born in Julia Child. It figures because I do love cooking julia child photo

Julia Child

Julia Child I watched The French Chef with my grandfather, who cheered (or not) like a football fan as she cooked up a storm. ( Funny,so did i with my grandmother )

Julia Child <3

You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients - Julia Child -

Happy Birthday, Julia Child!

Of course beloved chef Julia Child had an impressive kitchen. Besides multiple pantries and a professional-grade stove, one of the most telling things about her kitchen is the smart organization.

Julia Child quotes

shop windows in pot & pantry, san francisco, ca love the Julia Child quotes on the windows.