Fairy Tail : Dragon Slayers

Not all of them are real dragon slayers. So it would be a waste of time for the people who are not real dragon slayers

Hahaha! Poor guy. I remember when Gajeel was like that. Maybe one day you'll get a cat. XD

Fairy Tail - the dragon slayers and their cats: Sting and Lector, Rogue and Frosch, Natsu and Happy, Wendy and Carla, Gajeel and Pantherlily

Fairy tail

A hero Can fail An optimist Can lose all hope The light Can become the dark An innocent Can be guilty The powerful Can become powerless - Fairy Tail Guild

The Girls are so tough in Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail Wendy, Erza and Lucy. Thank you to the creator!

You could be the King, but watch the Queen conquer. Fairy Tail Girls - Wendy Marvell, Erza Scarlet, and Lucy Heartfilia.