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Our free Rail Planner App is a tool that allows you to look up information for European trains. Plan your Interrail trip with ease!

President Lyndon Johnson quote. Why do poor and middle class Republicans vote against their own interests? "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you are picking his pocket. Hell, give him some one to look down on, and he will empty his pockets for you."

Why poor and middle class republicans vote against their own interest. For their Racist stupidity!

BBQ - Swineapple (bacon wrapped pineapple stuffed with country ribs)

Swineapple: Hollowed out pineapple stuffed with boneless country style ribs rubbed with homemade seasoning and wrapped in thick cut bacon and sprinkled with a light creole seasoning. Smoked at 240 average for 5 hours. We call it "swineapple"

Hungarian Cakes and Pastries | HUNGARIAN CUSTARD SLICE - KRÉMES

Hungarian Custard Cake (aka Krémes) - I just got back from Budapest. Had a slice of krémes cake just now I carried back, from Művész Kávéház. Found this recipe.

Couple Married 81 Years: 'You're Damn Right' We're Still In Love

After 81 years of marriage, Dale and Alice Rockey still haven't lost their spark. "You don't see them together without holding hands," their son Tom .

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10 Places To Put On Your Budget Bucket List In Yes, there are peak (read: pricey) times on the country's coast, the beach scene here is hip and Montevideo is laid-back. The country remains a relatively undiscovered part of burgeoning South America.