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a house made out of rocks sitting on top of a window sill in front of a building
These Tiny Pieces Of Art Will Give You Life
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a wooden table
How to make perfect cheesecake | DIY polymer clay food tutorial | Dollhouse miniatures
two clay houses sitting on top of a cement block next to trees and a house
Mini clay tree, Small clay trees, Ceramic tree, Miniature Fairy trees, pottery and ceramics Fairy house tree, Little garden tree
"Mini clay tree, Small clay Holiday trees, Ceramic figurine, Miniature Fairy trees, pottery Fairy house tree, Little garden for Aquarium Perfect accompaniment to my ceramic houses. Small ceramic houses are great housewarming, birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts. These little houses and trees can be displayed inside on a shelf, mantle, picture ledge or table top, or placed outside in your garden. I hand sculpt each house and each tree from stoneware clay. All of my ceramic houses and trees are
an abandoned building in the middle of some trees
The Strange Story Of The Hidden Surreal Wonderland In The Middle Of The Jungle
a person is holding a white lollipop in front of a dog's face
How to sculpt doll or fairy face and head, by Artisan Tony Rice