Hard Apple Cider

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Ideas for our new cider room including hard cider recipes.

Kari Lubitz

Industrial Pinewood Workshop Cabinet, 1920s

This industrial workshop cabinet was designed during the 1920s and manufactured in the Netherlands, where it was used in a factory. It is made from pinewood and features 28 drawers, some with dividers some without. This item remains in a good vintage condition with signs of use.

mulled apple cider with a secret ingredient | gardenista

DIY: Mulled Apple Cider, With a Secret Ingredient - Gardenista

Cold nights need warm drinks; the kind you can linger over. Olivia Rae James has been warming up her nights with a boozy, citrusy take on mulled cider. Spi

Henry Wilson A3-Joint Side Tables | Share Design

Caramel Apple Hard Cider - Home Brew Forums

Caramel Apple Hard Cider

I've kegged this and several other heavily backsweetened ciders without any issue. I've only counterflow bottled grunts and growlers for immediate...

Bakeaholic Mama: Salted Hard Cider Caramels

Salted Hard Cider Caramels

I am not huge into candy making during the holidays. I tend to leave that to my Nana. She is famous for making huge baskets and tins filled with truffles, chocolate covered cherries, fudge and other Christmas goodies. I dabble in fudge making, maybe make some cookies..... and then there are caramels. I have seen many recipes for salted caramels and cider caramels in the blog world for a long time now. I've always steered clear of them simply because I hate making anything that calls for a…

Stained concrete floors (for the cider room)

Angela & Tania’s Beadle Box

Name: Angela Ellsworth and Tania Katan Location: Arcadia; Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 15 years; Owned Angela Ellsworth is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher. Tania Katan is an author, playwright, and performer. The list of their successes is fantastically impressive, intimidating even, but that’s just broad strokes.

Carmel Apple Hard Cider

Carmel Apple Hard Cider - Wine Making & Grape Growing Forum

Carmel Apple Hard Cider Beginners Wine Making Forum

punch of color

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The Well-Stocked Pantry: Potato Storage 101: Gardenista

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5 Favorites: Modern Root Cellars: Gardenista

5 Favorites: Modern Root Cellars - Gardenista

Whenever we go apple picking, we get a little carried away. How many families can eat three bushel baskets of fruit before it goes bad? Solution: storage r

cool adjustable barstool

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A rolling electric oven with its own shelving unit and utensils drawer.

Race-Car-Style Appliances for Compact Kitchens - Remodelista

Here at Remodelista the obsession with tiny kitchens hits close to home. Many of us live with postage-stamp-size setups, but, surprisingly, we don’t long f

Cheddar and Hard Cider Fondue Recipe

Cheddar and Hard Cider Fondue

9 reviews

Get Cheddar and Hard Cider Fondue Recipe from Food Network

10 Easy Pieces: U-Pick Orchards: Gardenista

10 Easy Pieces: U-Pick Orchards - Gardenista

The chill that creeps into the air signals the arrival of apple and pear season. Bushel baskets of pink, green, and red apples will appear at farmers' mark

Home Brew Hard Cider from Scratch

Home Brew Hard Cider From Scratch

Home Brew Hard Cider From Scratch: Note (8/30/2016): It's hard to believe it has been almost a decade since I first published this Instructable, and I am continually amazed by how active of a resource it remains for many first-time cider brewers. This is a great community of makers a…