wat:Fashion Illustrations,wie:Yoco Nagamiya , Waarom: mooie combi van waterverf en illustratie

Yoco Nagamiya Fashion Illustrations Modern Watercolour: I like the wet on wet component on this illustration, where the ink is somewhat random in its depth. I also really like the simplicity and delicacy of the line

Lovisa Oliv, Week 2 Eduardo, Hawaii, 2014, Watercolour. The subtleness of this artwork is what draws my eye, the use of the silhouette and the shapes as well as the few chosen colours to create the illusion of the chosen figure and garment. The lack of detailing actually creates interest and the colour seeping effect down the middle of the dress adds texture.

Perhaps part could be watercolour disappearing wash, and part could be a detailed element like lips or hair.

beautiful, simple, style image

My Cape

Oversized cape and black stockings by Garance Dore - fashion illustrator & street style photographer! This is totally my style

Fashion illustration // Antonio Soares


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