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A metaphysical blog dealing will all things spiritual, witchy, tarot, divination and magical. This is a place where you can feel welcome no matter what path you follow. Magick and spirituality are personal paths that can be shared with others, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and energies here as well.

Answering Yes or No Using Tarot Meanings — Lisa Boswell

Fancy being able to answer yes or no with your Tarot cards? Here is how I answer yes or no in Tarot readings using interpretations. This spread can be used for love, business, career, feelings readings and more, so that you can predict outcomes, and look into the future with accuracy.

Tarot Spread - Increasing Self-Love — Emerald Lotus Divination

Self-love is not something we can ever fully 'complete', like any relationship it requires constant communication and time. I created this tarot spread to inspire you to take time for yourself today, even if it's only for this simple spread.

Kitchen witchery easy guide

Kitchen witchery easy guide

How to Read Tarot: The Aces

puta que pariu, tarot

bea | 23 | she/her/hers | virgo sun, aries rising | tijeras abiertas encima de la cama dan mala suerte

Spiritual Progress Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread - Finding Life's Purpose — Emerald Lotus Divination

Living a full and meaningful existence is enough to satisfy the life purpose. But what makes us full? What makes us happy? It's an individual experience that we must discover on our own.

Boho Tarot

Creative Tarot for an Inspired Life

Learn how to do automatic writing to get messages, insight and guidance from your spirit guides, your loved ones in spirit and your higher self through your psychic abilities and intuition.

How to do Automatic Writing

Have you ever had a thought or an idea and you felt compelled to write it down? Have you ever needed to write an essay or story and suddenly felt inspiration? You may have performed automatic writing without even realising it! There are two instances in my life where I feel that I've done…

full moon (1)

Tarot Spread – Full Moon

I created this tarot spread to help illuminate your upcoming lunar phase. As I found out recently, the words lunatic, lunacy, and loony all derived from the Latin word Luna, meaning the Moon. Stay …

Mandela tarot spread

Mandala Tarot Reading

The 12-card Mandala Tarot spread is a one-of-a kind, mystical reading ideal for complex problems. Inspired by the 12 zodiac signs, this Tarot reading integrates Tarot with the ancient principles of Astrology, for rare, in-depth analysis.

Figure out why certain themes, events, symbols, colours, cards, etc. keep popping up in your life and what they mean. For further explanation of this spread and more free tarot spreads, please visit:

Tarot Spread - Decoding Messages — Emerald Lotus Divination

I do this type of spread all the time so I wanted to create one to share with you guys. Often the personal spreads that I use are hard to translate into a language that can be utilized by a wide range of people but I try my best, so hopefully this one will resonate with you!

Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread |

One of the oldest and most popular tarot card spreads, the Celtic Cross is a 10-card spread to help you examine your current situation and the future outcome.