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Lord of the Rings Elvish Language Alphabet

My reading a few years ago teacher had us decipher sentences in elvish when we read The Hobbit :)

Sketchnotes: Building my visual vocabulary by Sacha Chua

People & Activities Sketchnotes >> Building my visual vocabulary by Sacha Chua

Sharlto Copley, Elysium | Character: Kruger

Finally saw Elysium. From the irregular accent to his ruthless gadgets, Kruger was the best movie villain I've seen in a long time.


Possible Design Idea - Archery Exoskeleton "Cylinder Placements"


Bio-Mech Suit Base concept, interesting base concept idea that could work for my plan.

Exoskeleton Suit

Exoskeleton Suit ↩☾それはすぐに私は行くべきである。 ∑(O_O;) ☕ upload is galaxy

Future Evolution Women

Humans could evolve webbed feet if sea levels rise, scientist claims - Telegraph

STAX | Van rosszabb a zokni+szandál kombónál?

Socks AND sandals Why not cut out the middle man - funny, socks, sandals, middle.

Nesze nektek! :D

Hungaryball joins the 'dog' conversation (full image)