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a woman sitting on an orange ball in front of mirrored cubes with her eyes closed
Diseño de fondo de escenario modular | Reflectante y adaptable
Un diseño de fondo de escenario modular diseñado y producido en Cartonlab para Soma Lisboa. Acabado en plata y adaptable a diversos eventos.
three large sculptures in the shape of men standing next to each other on a brick floor
Tracing Vitruvio, Pesaro — Agostino iacurci
there are two different types of bookshelves in the same room and one is empty
small modular wall dividers - Google Search
three different colored vases sitting in front of each other on metal stands and against a white wall
small modular wall dividers - Google Search
two different views of an open air structure in the park with people walking around it
an aerial view of a city street at night with neon lights on the walkway and buildings in the background
lighting Archives - The Design Writer
Connect(us) by Warren Langley, Perth, by night. Photo: Trent Baker
an outdoor area with yellow and green arches
Gallery of City Thread / SPORTS - 18
an overhead view of people walking on the sidewalk in front of buildings with yellow handrails
Gallery of City Thread / SPORTS - 14
Gallery of City Thread / SPORTS - 14
🎆 Flux 2023・Ksawery Kirklewski, Arkadiusz Krupiński & Jakub Kirklewski "A huge interactive light installation, 6 meters tall and 13 meters wide, with 4 high-speed cameras, an 8-speaker sound system, 4,800 meters of LED strips, and 144,000 pixels running custom software and hardware." ・⁠ ・⁠ ・⁠ #abstract #installation #creativetechnology #technologyart #artandtechnology #art #lightinstallation #interactiveart #futureart #contemporarylighting #lightingdesign #newmediaart #36degres
a group of people standing in front of a large yellow star
a stage set made out of wood sticks
Pabellon Tendencias Habitat 2015 | homify
the lobby is lit up with white lights and tall grasses on the wall behind it
Eventions Productions
Eventions Productions Main Image