калинкина дина художник: 3 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

I like the way the trees have been done here & the reduced color range works well to ;

Quite house in the woods: Shrumdirum Magazine by Olga Demidova

An illustration of a beautiful pastoral countryside home surrrounding by fauna, flowers and fields (by Olga Demidova)

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson — Garden at Night I love this picture, It is on a greetings card that i have saved for years

richters:  City of the Forest by Paula McGloin

Fascinated with the different ways that artists can depict cities/places. (Manaus - City of the Forest by Paula McGloin, via Behance)

By Missy Ames, an illustrator and graphic designer from Austria.

Finland Rail- Vintage Travel Poster Finland Rail Vintage Travel Poster by HeritageArtPrints on Etsy

Tienda de flores illustration

Creating components of a big picture like a flower shop window, small lino blocks of flower pots, vases, buckets with flowers in, and building up a print with all the images. Emma Block - the flower shop